May 20, 2017

Work in progress

Cabled Cowl 
Since last week, I managed to finish the cabled cowl in Malabrigo Rastita yarn. I am very happy with the cowl how it turned out.
This is the pattern I have used:
Gradient Cable Cowl

My next project to work on is a hat named Neva. I picked the yarn and then we had few days of summer heat.
Neva Hat - WIP
So instead on working on the hat, I got distracted and made these - a watermelon coaster and dishcloth.
I still have one more size to finish, and I would like to add fabric layer to the large coaster and the small glass coaster.

Watermelon Coaster and Dishcloth
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May 13, 2017

Work in Progress

Ruby, toy mystery KAL
At the moment I have another toy mystery KAL hosted in my group. It's always fun and at the end you have a finished toy.

The link to the pattern is here:

Some of the other projects in the works include these:
Lapis Cowl

The pattern for this cowl is at the test knitting and editing stage, and once its finished the pattern will be available. The cowl is knitted in DK weight Superwash Merino and Silk yarn from  biscotte yarns

The pattern for these bowls is also at the testing stage, and will be available soon. These are super quick and use Knitpicks Super Tuff Puff yarn in jumbo weight. I made both of these bowls in just a couple of hours.

Cabled Cowl
And here is picture of what I am working on at the moment. I am trying to finish up this cabled cowl, using my pattern for Gradient Cable Cowl and worsted weight yarn, Malabrigo Rastita in Archangel color.

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May 6, 2017

Knitting Pattern for Veer Cowl

Veer Cowl
The knitting pattern for Veer cowl is available now to purchase in my Ravelry store, on Knitpicks website - Veer Cowl, where you can purchase the yarn as well, or by clicking on the button:

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Apr 30, 2017

Knitting Pattern for Diamond Hat

Diamond Hat
The pictured samples are done in Knitpicks' Felici Worsted yarn, Baker Street.

The knitting pattern is available to purchase in my Ravelry store, or by clicking on this button:

The pattern is fairly simple, just knit and purl stitches, and will look great in any worsted weight yarn.

Diamond Hat II
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Apr 29, 2017

Work in Progress

Cloudy Day Wrap - week 1
About two weeks ago, I started to work on my new design, Cloudy Day Wrap, knitted in Knitpicks Gradient Stroll yarn in color named "Sea You Later".

About the same time we also adopted a puppy from animal shelter and somehow my knitting time evaporated.  But things are getting better, and I did find few moments in between the chaos to sit down and knit. The puppy usually keeps me company.

Cloudy Day Wrap - week 2
 I am about half way through the work on the wrap and I just love how the color changes from dark to light. The second skein of yarn will be knit in reverse order, from light to dark. Once the sample is done and the pattern is written and edited and tested, we still need to take good photographs. I already envision the photo shoot taking place somewhere on a beach.

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Apr 18, 2017

Knitting Pattern for Roland, the raccoon

Roland, the raccoon
The mystery KAL for this adorable raccoon is finished, and the complete pattern is available now.
The toy is knitted in the rounds, limbs, tail, and head worked separately and sewn on. The technique intarsia in the rounds is used for the head, or optional is to use duplicate stitch.

The finished toy is approximately 9" / 23 cm sitting, and 15" / 38 cm head to tail long.

Worked in worsted yarn, Knitpicks Mighty Stitch, you will need less than a skein each of grey color, black color, white color, and red color.

You may purchase the pattern in my Ravelry store, or by clicking on this link:

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Mar 22, 2017

Knitting Pattern for Gradient Cable Cowl

Gradient Cable Cowl
The knitting pattern for this Gradient Cable Cowl is now available to purchase in my Ravelry store, on Knitpicks website link here or by clicking on this button:

The pattern is worked in Knitpicks Palette, fingering weight yarn, held double for the gradual color change.
Gradient Cable Cowl

Or you can try to use worsted weight yarn, such as Malabrigo Rastita.
Here is a picture of my work in progress in Malabrigo Rastita in Archangel color.